Friday, April 11, 2014

So I went and made a Facebook page for my shop and to link up my blogger for friends and customers. That was a while ago. apparently... when I did that It signed me out of the page. and I guess never saved anything I did. I barely noticed this the day before a show I was vending at. ><; Although I did end up maing  terrible looking one on mobile. I would have done it on a computer the day before BUT I was still very busy and had absolutely no time to add something like that to my TO DO list. I think I did pretty well with everything for being rushed and such. Everyone loved the cupcakes. DämonWurst was there vending and that was also VERY yummy and did well too. I helped =p.

GothiqueBootique's facebook!!!!

So far it is kinda empty and only has photos to show off. I shall be updating stuff on there same with progress photos. =]

SHHHHH, I shall also be making a Instagram! =o *gasp* I know hehe. What can I say people love food. SPECIALLY when it comes to sweets on there! =3

I am also feeling extra creative and been wanting to make stuff other than sweets lately.

Here is  DämonWurst's fb page. I think they are barely getting stuff together as well.  So far I think the cute devil girl artwork is very cute! =3

Gonna put this right here, so if anyone ha ever wanted to open up shop on Etsy. Do so right here! <3

Sunday, March 2, 2014

I know I know. I'm a horrible person. I never go on here as much as I should. I been so busy and needing to work on stuff, plus I got a 3D printer. BUUUUT the stupid thing has been nothing but problems. SOO little ol me needs to fix it. with some tutorials from the company...

Not going so well. HUGE clog in the entire extruder (print head) tried pulling it out so it won't be clogged any more, well that didn't go over so easy...  The damn filament just kept breaking off into smaller pieces leaving me frustrated and making it impossible for me to extract it... Ugh...  This is me being super nice about it.. I honestly want to throw the fucking thing outside and beat it till it isn't recognizable with a bat!

I have still attempted to some how extract the filament that is left inside. I don't know how well it is going to work since I have no clue as to how big the piece is or how far down it goes inside...  I have been trying to use my heat gun and help melt it out of the tunnel inside the print-head, some came out but not much. I don't want to over do this and some how mess it up till it won't work anymore; or correctly. My next move will probably just be to reassemble it and do the whole "install new cartridge" bit and let it heat up and see if it will work or not, if it doesn't I will have to go to a hobby store and try the whole piano wire thing and stick that up the extruder to unclog it. I have seen some people discuss this on a couple of forums on this particular 3D print machine. and it helped them a lot and worked. I am just a bit scared to mess it up honestly.

I won't do this right now though. as it is too late and I don't want to wake people up. but mostly I don't feel like raging out if it still isn't working and then I don't have any piano wire so I wouldn't be able to work and get it done like I would like.

ANYWAY.... in the meantime if you are new or a lurking reader and or just want to open a little store and sell from time to time.I’m inviting you to open a shop on Etsy. Use my link to list your first items free please click this to get started. =]

I will try to update this more, I am so absent minded and I am sorry. :-/

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Busy crafting day!

Made a hand full of jewelry yesterday for my shop. and posted them. There are 3 necklaces that I had previously made but had not posted about it. I really like what I have made. I gotta go make some for my self!!

I really have fun making jewelry but I do tend to get hand cramps super easily in my left hand. I might have to get an Arthritis glove.

Have little space still at my place. Me and my fiance are still unpacking boxes and clean everything.

Earrings I made 


Annnnd I broke two earring setting T_T

Gonna be making more products today. =]

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Shipping away!

Photo blog tonight:

 Products I have shipped out.

Also me being a bit silly with my cat Baby kitty.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Feeling super depressed and let down in a way. I feel like I shouldn't but I really am...
Went to the bank. and got money for my trip to Japan and cashed it into my bank. Come to find out it's WAY less then what I expected and told it was.

 I planned on going to Japan at the end of this month to visit my friend and her family. Make money out there, sell stuff. and sight see EVERYTHING. Now I guess I can't do any of it....
Knowing how I feel, my bf will feel worse about it. and we had booked a night in one of the Disney hotels for one night for his Bday. UGH!! ><

This really does suck! I kinda don't know what else to do... I'm really sad about it all. We both been planning this for months now. *sigh* Looks like I need to make an appointment for the apartment we liked. It's really nice. we just didn't plan on moving in until after we had gone to japan... :-/

I just either want to sleep all day and mope or watch movies and drink. D= I hate when stuff I plan out doesn't turn out the way we wanted. (it happens a lot) I guess since I got nothing else to do today I will go make stuff and try to make more money.


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Okay, *takes breathe* It's really been a while since I have been on here. Why you ask?? Well, Alot has been going on. I was staying at my Bf's place for a while visiting. Apparently his mother either wasn't paying rent correctly or was scammed by a lady. Who she was paying ( I don't know much details) We all got kicked out super early in the morning out of no where by cops. (assholes cops too, from Northhollywood) real rude to my bf , his grandmother and Myself. Had to stay in a hotel for a couple weeks. which wasn't cool cuz now we have no money at all. blah blah blah making it short. I went got out all our shit before yesterday (that was the dead line) and now my bf and I are at my place. Hopefully once I get him settled in here I can make some cool stuff like I been wanting to do for months!

My room is a complete mess right now since I don't really have much space to put his boxes and such. and had to go back and forth to his place and mine which is an hour away. 40 mins if there is no traffic.

Today will be a long and busy day. Hopefully I get all I need to do done.
  • Clean up room
  • Clear out dressers
  • Feed my reptiles
  • Put clothes away from laundry
  • Put mailers in garage
  • Go to bank
  • Cash in change
  • Make new Paypal and Ebay
  • Ship out orders
  • Look for storage stuff?
  • Dinner preps or shopping.
  • Look for wallet in mess
No sleeping once again for me. But hopefully this means I will go to bed at a decent time. and wake up at decently too.

Ramble OFF!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Got a shipment today for some of my products I plan to make. and Copies I plan to be making in the future. Wish I had my other supplies I ordered so I can make more stuff!

Sorry for not blogging as much Animal crossing had taken over my life.

Short blog is short