Sunday, June 23, 2013

Got a shipment today for some of my products I plan to make. and Copies I plan to be making in the future. Wish I had my other supplies I ordered so I can make more stuff!

Sorry for not blogging as much Animal crossing had taken over my life.

Short blog is short 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Well today I didn't do much, Slept mostly (didn't feel well)  and ate dinner. Then made a bunch of tiny apple pies with my bf. After then we watched movies.

Let's see I watched:
The legend of Hell house.

This morning watched:
Mary and Max

I rather liked Mary and max. I have always liked Clay-mation and the story was funny and interesting.

First time watching both of these movies. Liked them both. (I a big horror buff so pretty much any classic horror or scary movies are very enjoyable) Nowadays though some horror movies are just plain boring to me.

 Was feeling a bit down and bleh today. but after eating some apple pie I felt better. =3

Now I might watch more movies with my bf. <3 We been thinking of watching Cabin in the woods, heard  some good reviews by some friends. but i'm kind reluctant. *Shrug*

ok well i'm kinda boring today. Haha. Soooooo,


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Here are some photos of my recent crafting hauls. Gonna be making some awesome products with these babies soon!
(Although I did return the book in this photo) I knew about 98% of the information so I got a new book that would benefit me better.

Also I am absolutely in love with Skeleton keys! I can never have enough. hehe ^^

Made some very cute Lolita style hair bows with the first photo with the ribbons shown.   v v

You can't really tell in the photo's but they are stuffed with cotton so they are soft and fluffy.

I sells these on my Etsy shop.
If you would like to see them and other stuff I have in my account so far. =]

Okay I'm gonna go watch the rest of this movie with my Bf and then go to bed. Night world.

Hello I have decided to make a blog dedicated to my crafting, life and for what ever comes to mind.

Today I would like to share that I got a shipment of supplies for my shop. Right now I have a couple ideas on what to make those with. The first set I got today are some star charms. The other set I got these really pretty brass rings.

Gonna be posting more photos and such later on tomorrow or tonight IF I end up making something.
Just took a nice hot shower, put on new bed sheets and now ready to cuddle my love and watch a movie. <3