Saturday, August 3, 2013

Okay, *takes breathe* It's really been a while since I have been on here. Why you ask?? Well, Alot has been going on. I was staying at my Bf's place for a while visiting. Apparently his mother either wasn't paying rent correctly or was scammed by a lady. Who she was paying ( I don't know much details) We all got kicked out super early in the morning out of no where by cops. (assholes cops too, from Northhollywood) real rude to my bf , his grandmother and Myself. Had to stay in a hotel for a couple weeks. which wasn't cool cuz now we have no money at all. blah blah blah making it short. I went got out all our shit before yesterday (that was the dead line) and now my bf and I are at my place. Hopefully once I get him settled in here I can make some cool stuff like I been wanting to do for months!

My room is a complete mess right now since I don't really have much space to put his boxes and such. and had to go back and forth to his place and mine which is an hour away. 40 mins if there is no traffic.

Today will be a long and busy day. Hopefully I get all I need to do done.
  • Clean up room
  • Clear out dressers
  • Feed my reptiles
  • Put clothes away from laundry
  • Put mailers in garage
  • Go to bank
  • Cash in change
  • Make new Paypal and Ebay
  • Ship out orders
  • Look for storage stuff?
  • Dinner preps or shopping.
  • Look for wallet in mess
No sleeping once again for me. But hopefully this means I will go to bed at a decent time. and wake up at decently too.

Ramble OFF!

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