Friday, April 11, 2014

So I went and made a Facebook page for my shop and to link up my blogger for friends and customers. That was a while ago. apparently... when I did that It signed me out of the page. and I guess never saved anything I did. I barely noticed this the day before a show I was vending at. ><; Although I did end up maing  terrible looking one on mobile. I would have done it on a computer the day before BUT I was still very busy and had absolutely no time to add something like that to my TO DO list. I think I did pretty well with everything for being rushed and such. Everyone loved the cupcakes. DämonWurst was there vending and that was also VERY yummy and did well too. I helped =p.

GothiqueBootique's facebook!!!!

So far it is kinda empty and only has photos to show off. I shall be updating stuff on there same with progress photos. =]

SHHHHH, I shall also be making a Instagram! =o *gasp* I know hehe. What can I say people love food. SPECIALLY when it comes to sweets on there! =3

I am also feeling extra creative and been wanting to make stuff other than sweets lately.

Here is  DämonWurst's fb page. I think they are barely getting stuff together as well.  So far I think the cute devil girl artwork is very cute! =3

Gonna put this right here, so if anyone ha ever wanted to open up shop on Etsy. Do so right here! <3

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