Friday, June 7, 2013

Well today I didn't do much, Slept mostly (didn't feel well)  and ate dinner. Then made a bunch of tiny apple pies with my bf. After then we watched movies.

Let's see I watched:
The legend of Hell house.

This morning watched:
Mary and Max

I rather liked Mary and max. I have always liked Clay-mation and the story was funny and interesting.

First time watching both of these movies. Liked them both. (I a big horror buff so pretty much any classic horror or scary movies are very enjoyable) Nowadays though some horror movies are just plain boring to me.

 Was feeling a bit down and bleh today. but after eating some apple pie I felt better. =3

Now I might watch more movies with my bf. <3 We been thinking of watching Cabin in the woods, heard  some good reviews by some friends. but i'm kind reluctant. *Shrug*

ok well i'm kinda boring today. Haha. Soooooo,


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